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Last Friday, after charging my Blackberry, my telephone went dead after 5 minutes of usage. Yesterday, I went to the Verizon retail store in Yonkers, NY which is closest to our home and where we purchase most of our telephones. Upon spending 1-1/2 hours (at a minimum) in that store, below please find what I was told:

1. Verizon no longer performs service issues at the retail store level. They will request a replacement phone be sent to you which if it is a "device" issue, is still under 1 year's warranty and you'll receive it in 3 days. NOTE: My telephone meets the criteria (my 1-yr is up after 9/16/11 and it's a "device" issue – see below).

2. Upon meeting with the customer service rep, he thought that my trouble was a battery issue. Unfortunately, he told me that he didn't have a battery there to use as a test and as such, could not sell me one to see if that was the issue. He would have to request it online and I'd receive it in 3-days. Of course, he hadn't ascertained that it was even the battery at issue.

3. I then asked for a replacement phone. It took him twenty minutes to inform me that not only were they not available to ship out immediately to receive in 3-days, but they were on "back order" and could not confirm when I would be able to receive one.

4. I asked for this year's version of the Blackberry and he told me he couldn't do that either. He had to call a Customer Service person on the telephone.

5. In speaking with the CSR on the phone, I told him what I had been experiencing with my phone and he informed me it was a "device" issue. I asked him for a replacement phone, again asking for this year's version of it, which the store had in stock. He informed me that he could not make that decision and to discuss it with the store manager, Melissa Lee.

6. I asked Melissa Lee (store mgr) for this year's version of the Blackberry (Bold #2), which she had in stock. In spite of my phone being under 1 year's warranty, in spite of it being a device issue, in spite of Verizon not being able to sell me a battery from the store and in spite of the fact that my telephone was not available to ship me within 3-days because it was on back order, Ms. Lee informed me that she would be willing to sell me this year's version of my Blackberry for $249.00.

I use my telephone for business and today, I am working without a mobile phone and use of my email. I'm certain that Verizon does not want to lose my business or make this a lousy "customer service" experience which presently, it is.

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We are struggling with the same situation. Almost 2 weeks now without a phone and they could care less.

Definitely will be ending our association with Verizon once our contracts are up.

I have never had such poor service. The sad thing is the local retailers cannot do anything to assist.

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