I was with Verizon for 4 years. The first 3 were okay. My 4th year with Verizon my service began being disconnected every month.

The morning of the 1st, every month my phone would no longer call or text out. Not even to 911. (Found that out that hard way.)

For whatever reason they changed the billing system and suddenly my monthly bill was for 2 months when I had never missed a payment. I found out I was being charged an extra month into the future on top of my current bill. So I was getting a bill for over $200 every month. A minimum of $175 was required each time to reconnect service.

The next month is was the same issue, when stating that I had already paid for that month and my bank statements proved it, I was told to "pay my bill or my contract would enter default". My account would be closed, late fees and termination fees would be applied and since we had recently upgraded one line for the discounted price that we technically owed them $150 for the "really sweet phone" we were "lucky to keep".

On top of that, the Verizon reception was horrible. I live in Washington and in some parts of the mountains I got no service. I have a prepaid phone that I get for $50/month and I have service in the mountains.

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