Verizon Phone Numbers and Emails

Toll-Free Number:

  • (888) 922-0204
    Customer Service
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Customer Service:

  • (800) 779-2067
    Executive Team
  • (800) 225-5499


  • (508) 251-5301
  • (800) 974-6006


  • (888) 262-1999
    National Accessibility

Business Customer Service:

  • (888) 378-3113
    For Business Solutions, Tech Products and Services
  • (800) 465-4054

Business Sales:

  • (877) 830-1626
    Enterprise/Public Sector - Federal
  • (844) 915-2512
    Fios, Network and Phone (1-19 Employees)
  • (888) 318-0057
    Fios, Network and Phone (100-500 Employees)
  • (855) 972-5862
    Fios, Network and Phone (20-99 Employees)
  • (877) 465-0178
    Mobile Phones and Plans
  • (855) 440-1452
    Public Safety
  • (833) 363-1217
    State and Local Government/Education


  • (908) 559-2001
    Basking Ridge Operational
  • (212) 395-1000


  • (800) 333-3972
    Privacy Inquiries

Verizon Emails:

Fios and Traditional Phone
Customer Service
Grants For Small Business Digital Ready
Privacy Inquiries
Advertising Inquiries
Report Fraud
Report Child Sexual Abuse Material, Report Security Vulnerability
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How to Contact Verizon

Most Popular Number:

(888) 922-0204 Customer Service
Total calls: 4 060 Issues resolved: 87 Last call: Dec 8, 2023

What is Verizon Phone Number?

Customers can contact Verizon by phone in several ways:

1) Call one of Verizon's toll-free numbers:

There are different phone numbers for prepaid and postpaid customers.

2) Dial *611 from a Verizon phone.

3) Request a call-back from Verizon's website. Call-back appointments can be set via the website as well.

Additional Information About Verizon Customer Service

- Verizon provides 24/7 automated phone-based customer service and live customer help is available Monday through Friday from 7 am - 9 pm and weekends from 8 am - 9 pm (All hours are in local time)

Many consumers want to speak to a live person when making a purchase, asking a question or attempting to resolve a problem. Verizon's voicemail system asks questions about the reason for the call: "Yes" or "no" answers will direct the call to the appropriate customer service department.

- Verizon also offers a dedicated customer service center for current customers with disabilities.

- The Verizon Wireless National Accessibility Customer Service Center provides support from Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (EST).

Contact Information

Verizon Website:

Verizon Help Center:

Corporate Office Address:

Verizon Communications Inc.
1095 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10036
United States

Other Info (opening hours):

Other Locations:

Verizon Privacy Office

1300 I St., NW Ste 500 E.

Washington, DC 20005

International Data Privacy Office

Verizon Legal Department

Reading International Business Park

Basingstoke Road

Reading, Berkshire


Basking Ridge Operational Headquarters

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920


P.O. Box 408

Newark, NJ 07101-0408

Bankruptcy Administration

500 Technology Dr., Ste 500

Weldon Spring, MO 63304

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Verizon Customer Service Reviews

1.3 / 5
Rosario S Din
Terrible Customer Service
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Got a new iPhone 15 couple days ago and was having trouble pairing the phone with my headsets, Smart Watch, etc. Went to the Verizon at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center and explained the problem to them.

I was told "You need to bring in the headset". Okay, returned home, I got the 2 headsets and returned. 4 GUYS at the store! So, 1 guy takes the headset and tries to pair it up.

Unsuccessful. "It's a bad headset" was his response. So I responded it was working fine with my old phone. He replied, Its the headset.

Trying to pair it on my phone and its not working. Okay, moving on...I asked about the Smart Watch. "Yeah, you have to delete and start over again". I asked how do I do that.

The response..."If you go on YouTube it will explain how". I looked at the other guys and they ALL had a blank look on them. 4 GUYS there and not one provided any assistance. Totally clueless.

I'm trying to get through! I'm trying to get a solution. That is why I went there in t first place! I tried again, "What do I do?

I mean, both headsets are no good? I drive a truck, I need them for work". And I get the response, "Nothing we can do." Fine. Thanks for nothing.

Really Thanks for nothing. I left, went to the Verizon store located at 40-04 Bell Blvd. What a DIFFERENCE!! Night and day.

Walked in "Hello Sir, how can I help you?" I explained the problem. we sat down. He started with the Smart Watch. He reset it, paired it with the phone, all in about 5 Minutes.

He then ran a diagnosis test on the phone. Have no idea what he did...within 10 minutes he paired BOTH SETS OF HEAD PHONES!!! In about 20 minutes he accomplished what 4 guys in the other store couldnt do!! Went back to the Verizon at Bay Terrace Shopping Center and told the guy "You all have a lot to learn about customer service".

His response..."Uh Huh". I got annoyed and another person who was trying to act like a manager asked him whats going on? He said "I don't know". And yes, I blew my top, "What do you mean you don't know??

This is my third time here this morning". Again with the Blank Look!

Useless. Unreal!

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Pattie Xpd
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Customer service team is horrible & liars. Purchased the iPhone 15 plus and it arrived but could not be activated.

I was on the phone with one rep for 2 hours and 30 mins and she was pretty much silent pretending to do stuff to get the phone to work. She said out of her own mouth that the phone arrived with two different issues (sim locked & no iccid or imei provided). After two hours of trying attempts to unlock this lock to get the phone activated- she said she is going to have to get a replacement sent and I will not be charged the $50 restock issue due to phone error. She connected me with nomi- nomi said she is going to do one attempt first and then connect me with the right department for replacement.

Nomi lied- she tried attempts then said she it is a plan issue however the First Lady also said Im on the wrong plan but that the phone will activate. Nomi said she is going to connect me with tier 2 to fix this issue. Justin from tier 2 then said I am not on a plan at all for some reason which is why the phone is not activating.. a liar again, I been on the same plan for years how can there be no plan attached?

So either your first rep took me off or you are lying. He then said I would receive a call from him before 11pm after submitting a ticket because they will unlock this issue. Did not receive a call back from him, next day (today) still no phone because my old phone can not activate either I contacted corp to speak with a mgr. Aumy was the rep who kept stating they did not have any supervisors available- tried to attempt this same thing again.

AFTER THEY TRIED THIS FOR HOURS THE DAY BEFORE. I also went to the store after spending 4 hrs on the phone in total with them, store mgr said corp is useless for them as well. He looked up my account and seen the order is still pending which is why I am experiencing this issue. He contacted corp to push through the order and the rep said hot potato which is apparently a term where they cannot help.

The rep said she does not know what to do when he told he he did not either. Fast forward to today again, aumi wasted almost two hrs of my day doing nothing but arguing with me about my phone. I googled this iPhone 15 activation issues with Verizon and there are a TON of reviews about this. Verizon apparently does not have access to the esim with apple and told customers this.

It is reviews on reddit and many more, also on tik tok on _justin.mp4 profile. I mentioned that to aumi and she could no longer speak and was stuttering and said she is going to ask her team. She then came back and stated she read the notes on my case and it is a plan issue (again, it is not but she is ignoring the real issue that was mentioned) I told her to get me on the right plan then. She said ok and told me it is $140, cool.

Start the process, she then comes back and says she cannot do it without changing everyones plan. Everyones phone under this plan is working except mine, why are you wanting to change anyone elses plan?? She tried to argue again- told her to issue a return label because I am not doing this anymore. She then said she cannot promise that I wont be charged a restock fee of $50 although the reps before her said it is a phone issue and that I will not be charged.

I told her to connect me with the supervisor again, she said she cannot but somehow put me on hold and spoke with her supervisor herself.. her supervisor then told her to tell me she credited my account with $50 for the restock fee. Confirmed I will not be charged and she said I will not. Asked her to speak with her supervisor as she is free now, she said she cannot get in touch with them.

Terrible experience & will definitely keep my records of my calls recorded on my end to bring to my lawyer if needed. Returned the phone and will be waiting to hear next steps. Hours later after dealing with aumi- Justin called me and said he was able to get the issue resolved with the ticket that was created yesterday. Funny how he didnt have to change my plan right?

Well the phone was returned. Verizon is awful, RUN from them.

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Not streaming on my tv

Customer service is terrible for tv service. It took over one hour to get a representative on the phone.

The problem I have with streaming is getting worse all the time. When you finally get to speak with a representative they dont know what how to fix the problem.

We also have Verizons wireless phone service. Thats not bad at all but I would check all my options before using Fios TV.

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Valarie R Nxs
Fail to meet nationally advertised offer Sunday Ticket
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Many calls to customer service and a huge fail. All reps tell me my account which was upgraded and fees I vreaed all to meet the free Sunday ticket promo 2 months later and week 3 of NFL season and still no resolution.

Its literally robbery of a customer and false advertising. Poor business practices and illegal.

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How Good is Verizon's Customer Service?

Allene Lfz
Allene Lfz
Feels Disappointed | Dec 07, 2023

Not very good. Had one *** of time just getting someone to talk to, then, of course transferred. Told person what was wrong and 45 min later nothing fixed. I explained I had to leave and was told someone would call me back and 24 hrs later no call. Humm !

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Bryleigh Ybf
Bryleigh Ybf
Feels Satisfied | Dec 06, 2023

Thank you for answering my questions and scheduling a tech to set up new equipment in a timely fashion

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Milena Rkp
Milena Rkp
Feels Disappointed | Dec 06, 2023

Good until now

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Khya Cwe
Khya Cwe
Feels Neutral | Dec 05, 2023


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Letisia Vbn
Letisia Vbn
Feels Disappointed | Dec 05, 2023

Phil was excellent. He was polite, gracious, understanding, and knew what to do to help me get as far as we could. My issue was resolved but I did need to call back the next day to overhaul my account information. (My predecessor is no longer with our organization so we need to replace her contact information with mine. I was missing some information needed to do that so Phil advised that I call back today. Again, he was REALLY helpful and friendly.

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Ralph C Tjz
Ralph C Tjz
Feels Disappointed | Dec 05, 2023

I’ve already done this

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Summary of Verizon Customer Service Calls

03:20 AVG CALL

Top Reasons of Customers Calls

Consumers Call the Most From

Why Do People Call Verizon?

Payments and Charges Question:

  • “Payment”
  • “Instead of decrease in vill from $108.30,signed up for automatic payment, then you increased in to $119. That is why I hate automatic payments”
  • “Bill”

Product/ Service Question:

  • “Phone suddenly can't connect other phones are fine”
  • “I receive my internet only in one room”
  • “Phoneisntworkingrigj”

Staff Question:

  • “To suspend service”
  • “Services and price”
  • “Service issues”

Request for Information Question:

  • “Question about iPhone”
  • “Question about internet service on an ipad”
  • “Check on my payment”

Activation/ Cancellation Question:

  • “Cancel visa cards”
  • “Cancel”
  • “Cancellation of my subscription?”

Account Question:

  • “Need my account number for Verizon”
  • “Update my account information”
  • “Account”

Return/ Replace Question:

  • “Change my phone plan”
  • “I need to return boxes.”
  • “Equipment return acct in collection”

Cards Question:

  • Change credit card number for payment
  • “I have a new credit card”
  • “Credit card change”

Shipping and Delivery Question:

  • “Tracking order”
  • “A Samsung tablet was part of my promotion. I haven't received it yet”
  • “Package update”

Refund Question:

  • “Refund”
  • “Promised refunds that haven't happened”
  • “My refund”

Employment Question:

  • “Pay off my phone”
  • “I want to know my pay off on my phone”
  • “Pay off”

Website/ Application Question:

  • “Trying to logon to Verizon application. I'm a new customer. I just ordered a phone last night.”
  • “Website”

Other Question:

  • “Phone plan”
  • “Phone”
  • “Call”


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Verizon was founded in 1983 as Bell Atlantic Corporation. It got seven Bell Operating Companies from AT&T company after its breakup. Nowadays the company is headquartered in New York, New York. Verizon Communications, Inc. was created in 2000 after the acquisition of GTE be Bell Atlantic, which was one of the largest mergers in the US history. The name of the company is a portmanteau word formed from veritas and horizon. The company specializes in communications services providing Broadband Internet services, Television services, wireless telecommunication services and Local wireline. Company's net income is $6,119 billion. Verizon Communications employs over 239,000 people. The tag line of the company is: "We never stop working for you".

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