I purchased a new phone and although I looked at moving to another provider, it was easier and I thought less costly to just purchase the new phone through Verizon. However, they only give upgrades that award customer loyalty if you add another line (regardless if needed) or purchase one of the most costly phones.

After getting over, the false advertising of offering upgrades to existing customers, I purchased the phone that I wanted. They then said, oh yeah, there is a $40.00 upgrade fee. Didn't matter that I wasn't upgrading, I was sticking with the same provider and purchasing my phone through them and was rewarded with an additional $40.00 tacked onto my bill. I asked what service this covered or the purpose.

They could provide no answer other than it is what is charged to purchase a new phone. What happened to incentives for staying with the same company? At the very least, why would you actually charge people an extra fee to purchase a product from you and continue to subscribe to their service?

When did this action become ok? When did consumers become so cash flux that they just accept unsubstantiated charges?

User's recommendation: Take the time to research other service providers. Protest charges that don't serve any prupose.

Location: Durham, North Carolina

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