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I can go on & on about what *** me off about Verizon. My daughter went to Europe and the travel pass got activated almost everyday so that costed me about $460 bucks.

Also on top of that my data get all used up about half way through the month then my speed is throttled way down. They want me to go to “unlimited” plan for more $$$!

Forget that! What good is “better” coverage if you can’t use it and it costs an arm and a leg!

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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Just another attempted greedy ploy by a company that can only be described as sinful in their business practices. I loathe and despise them ; I do not own or operate any of their products ; unfortunately my wife and offspring fell neatly into their trap despite repeated warnings from (an older, wiser) me ...

never, ever trust anything Verizon says, offers, etc. - and whatever you do stay out of their "retail outlets" which are simple fronts for price gouging.

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