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I have a parent account e-Mail, and 7 sub e-Mail accounts. Several of these sub e-Mail accounts are "burner" accounts that I use to minimize junk e-Mail to the parent account.

Once the "burner" account begins to receive too much spam I delete it and create another "burner" e-Mail account. Several accounts are receiving too many junk e-Mails and need to delete them. The online instructions to access these sub e-Mail accounts are not accurate. Please send me instructions for Verizon e-Mail users to delete/create sub e-Mail accounts.

----- I have sent the above e-Mail to AOL support several times and I have not received a response. The instructions I found on the Internet were not valid, didn't display the web pages shown in the instructions. AOL is owned by Verizon.

I think Verizon is hoping there lack of support for these e-Mail accounts will cause the holders of these e-Mail addresses to cancel all their Verizon/AOL e-Mail accounts, thereby, saving Verizon the costs of maintaining the servers and staff who manage the e-Mail servers. Brilliant cost saving decision

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Email Service.

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