Verizon Executive Contact Info

Bob Barish

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097

ph: 908-559-1629

fx: 908-696-2156

William Barr

Executive Vice President & General Counsel


One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097

ph: 212-395-1689

??: 908-766-3836

Bruce Beausejour

Vice President & Associate General Counsel

State Regulatory, NY and New England

185 Franklin St, 13th Floor


??: 607-743-2445 (Brenda?)

fx: 607-737-0648

Maura Breen

Senior Vice President

General Manager

New York Region Rm 3108

140 West Street

New York, NY 10007


ph: 212-321-8170 (alana picks up)

fx: 212-964-4072

Mike Hassett

Senior Vice President

Business Solutions Group

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-2505

fx: 908-766-5194

Holyce Hess Groos

Vice President & CFO

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-5507 (direct)

Suleiman Hessami

Vice President

Pricing & Contract Management

22001 Loudon County Parkway

Ashburn, VA 20147


ph: 703-886-2017 (Pam picks up)

fx: 703-886-0116

John Hoey

Vice President

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-4760 (Robin picks up)

fx: 908-766-3965

Jerry Holland

Vice President

CLEC Operations

175 Park Avenue Rm 125

Madison, NJ 07940


ph: 973-350-5111

fx: 973-660-1065

Bob Ingalls

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-1112 (Shaw? picks up)

fx: 908-696-2210

Virginia Ruesterholz


Verizon Telecom

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-1069 (Diane picks up)

fx: 908-696-2135

Joseph Russo

Vice President

Service Assistance Support

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-2266 (Robin picks up)

fx: 908-696-2175

Tom Tauke

Executive Vice President

Public Affairs, Policy & Communications

140 West Street, 29th Fl

New York, NY 10007


ph: 212-395-1032

fx: 908-696-2036

Doreen Toben

Executive Vice President & CFO

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 212-395-1057 (Doreen Thompson picks up)

fx: 800-295-5136

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Corning, Arkansas, United States #243367

Wow! Clearly I'm not alone. I live in CA with lousy customer service and tech support. I've been on line with no LIve Chat, on the phone waiting for almost 2 solid hours with no one to answer the phone. Why don't we file a class action suit against Verizon given all of the issues I am reading here, plus my own, we surely will win!

Lucky me, I get a tech from Virginia of all places. Hello! I live on the opposite coast!!!

I left "BOB" a voicemail tonight and an email. Let's see if he answers. Wow people.....wow.

Apalachicola, Florida, United States #239998

I was triple billed, they said they credited my account and cancelled the triple service, but they did not!!! Each person I speak with gives me a different story! I act like it is my problem......


If you file a claim with the Better Business Bureau, they are usually good help. Me & my boyfriend dealt with it for like 2 months but it was worth it.


I am at the end of the rope here. I recently moved to a new address.

Well I called told them I was moving, they said fine lets set you up for a date to have it installed at your new apartment. Well they created a brand new account, that I was unaware of. Now my cable has be suspended due to non payment and they said that I owe $325 to get it cut back on. I always pay my fios bill online.

The new account obvouisly not registered to myverizon.com, so I never saw that I had a new account and verizon is taking no responsibility for this matter. Im done with verizon fios.


VERIZON Service will get worse. They fire a hundreds of verizon workers to make more money for the share holders.

Yet we where doing overtime to keep up with customers orders. Using old testing telecom equipment. Yet the higher ups keep cuting corners making it harder to provide customer assistance. Yet we the employees get yelled at, cursed at, and threaten.

I am gald I am no longer with that company and I even discontinued my service since I know the tech support (us) is no longer there. It has been outsourced. I wish you luck guys.

I took pride in giving the customers 100% service, but the guys upstairs just want your money and will do anything to get more of it. No more American pride....


I thought Verizon is the best communication company in the country. I had three wireless lines and two landlines, as well as my TV and internet. However, the disappointed me several times. The wireless division and the store are ultra arrogant and their service is very poor and they are disrespectful. It is a frustrating experience, to say the least when you call up or walk into any wireless store. Verizon is so fragmented and disorganized. Now, I have paid all my balance accounts and closed all of my accounts with them but they still harass me.

During the last few months, I spent a lot of time on the phone with different agents and got nowhere. The customer affair referred me to Finance Dept. However, I am it All leads to a vicious circle. I have a complaint against Verizon Fios TV and telephone.

1- In February 2010, I terminated my service wit Verizon.

2- On M arch 1, I returned all Fios TV equipment to 199 Fulton Ave, Hempstead, NY 11550. Name of Agent Nancy Meguin. According to the receiving agent all were received in good condition

3- On June 20, 2010, I received a notice to return equipment or pay $650.00.

4- On March 16, 2010, I paid the remaining balance for all of three element, phone, TV and internet. Nevertheless, later, I have received several bills from Verizon asking me to pay the amount of $94.06.

5- I called Verizon several times to inform them that I paid that amount. On once occasion, an agent assured me that I do not owe Verizon any thing and informed me that she would check with the Financial Department.

6- On May 23, 2010, I received a letter for a collection agency, North Shore Agency, Inc. informing me that Verizon has turned over my account to them for collection of $94.06. I called them and sent them the receipt of the same amount.

7- On June 23, I received another letter from different collection Agency, EOS CCA, informing me to the effect that Verizon has placed my account for collection. I called them on June 27, 2010 and after several hung ups and 40 minutes on hold, I was able to talk to an agent in that Agency. I reassured her that I paid this amount and have the received and even I received a letter from another collection agency to that effect. Her answer was "Yes, we are aware of that but the case is still being investigated."

Now, is fair to spend all of that time and get nowhere. I really objected to being treaded as such by Verizon. That is why Verizon is so hated by customers. I hope I hope the slogan "Call the Executives Every Time You Get Poor Verizon Customer Service" will work for me and the concerned executive will do some thing about my dilemma with Verizon. My e-mail is alayan@aol.com. Thanks


After 3 - 4 months of service not working in S Georgia (after they bought Alltel), 2 trouble tickets later, no return phone calls - although promised. I had told their techs back in April 2009 I knew what the problem was and they agreed I was right, swore to fix it.

No call or anything - go by a local store, got customer no service and a walking dead branch manager.

Gave it another week, finally - with a witness to the whole conversation got the technical call elevated and their tech admitted that the cell towers in S. Georgia would not be working properly until the end of 2009. SO you want me to pay for a bill, for a phone that will not work - isn't that fraud by deception? Found in their 10-Q filing with the SEC this also to be true.

All of this well documented. I have spoken to others in the area with similar problems. I have a client that also his phone will not work. Now you know this many people can't be wrong.

Oh, and again I had a witness in the car - their tech back on May 19th dropped a call to me because he couldn't "hear me" - hmm but you advertise as the most reliable network? Were you lying then? or are you lying now?

or were just thinking I was an uneducated consumer? Whatever, but deception is deception and you now have 4 FCC complaints and more coming from neck of the woods......

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