Verizon Executive Contact Info

Bob Barish

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097

ph: 908-559-1629

fx: 908-696-2156

William Barr

Executive Vice President & General Counsel


One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097

ph: 212-395-1689

??: 908-766-3836

Bruce Beausejour

Vice President & Associate General Counsel

State Regulatory, NY and New England

185 Franklin St, 13th Floor


??: 607-743-2445 (Brenda?)

fx: 607-737-0648

Maura Breen

Senior Vice President

General Manager

New York Region Rm 3108

140 West Street

New York, NY 10007


ph: 212-321-8170 (alana picks up)

fx: 212-964-4072

Mike Hassett

Senior Vice President

Business Solutions Group

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-2505

fx: 908-766-5194

Holyce Hess Groos

Vice President & CFO

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-5507 (direct)

Suleiman Hessami

Vice President

Pricing & Contract Management

22001 Loudon County Parkway

Ashburn, VA 20147


ph: 703-886-2017 (Pam picks up)

fx: 703-886-0116

John Hoey

Vice President

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-4760 (Robin picks up)

fx: 908-766-3965

Jerry Holland

Vice President

CLEC Operations

175 Park Avenue Rm 125

Madison, NJ 07940


ph: 973-350-5111

fx: 973-660-1065

Bob Ingalls

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-1112 (Shaw? picks up)

fx: 908-696-2210

Virginia Ruesterholz


Verizon Telecom

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-1069 (Diane picks up)

fx: 908-696-2135

Joseph Russo

Vice President

Service Assistance Support

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 908-559-2266 (Robin picks up)

fx: 908-696-2175

Tom Tauke

Executive Vice President

Public Affairs, Policy & Communications

140 West Street, 29th Fl

New York, NY 10007


ph: 212-395-1032

fx: 908-696-2036

Doreen Toben

Executive Vice President & CFO

One Verizon Way

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097


ph: 212-395-1057 (Doreen Thompson picks up)

fx: 800-295-5136

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Verizon has very sloppy service, let me tell you why; I am a verizon BUSINESS customer and my company initially ordered two phone lines. Of course, we made sure to confirm that those numbers are available to be used by our business.

From the very beginning, Verizon had told us, yes, those numbers were available to be used. (We even had backup numbers just in case they were taken). So the numbers were available and we went with them. Fast forward two months, after having a technician come over and struggling to connect our phones, we find out that one of the numbers we ordered is ACTUALLY IN USE BY ANOTHER CUSTOMER.

When in fact, we called to confirm multiple times and each time they would tell us it is available. At this point, we've already printed business cards with these phone numbers. So how do you suppose we fix this Verizon? Get new numbers?

After our company has spent so much time and money preparing?

Your staff is mediocre and unattentive. I would also like to mention, I called Verizon and asked to speak to a supervisor immediately, got put on hold for 10 min, only for someone to tell me I will receive a call back in 24-48 hours, leaving me no choice but to reach out to the VP.

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, United States #966861

Does anyone know of anyone in charge of customer service? ??

There HAS to be a director ... right? I've gotten nowhere with local reps. Called the executive customer service people ...

got nowhere.

Got Lowell McAdam's name and asked to speak with him ... told "he doesn't talk to customers." WTF

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, United States #966858

Are these names and numbers current?

Tuba City, Arizona, United States #956511

I am so frustrated and mad that I have got nowhere with Verizon!!! I am terminating my service with them.

I should have stayed with T-Mobile. Plus I should have listened to my friend about Verizon.

If you are looking to a cell phone service carrier.....DO NOT GO WITH VERIZON!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #599419

Seem's to me that each and Everyone of these post has a dramatic end to it.I can only say that i reside in TEXAS and I have never had a problem with VERIZON WIRELESS PERIOD.I can say i have had many problem's with AT&T THOGUHT.Keep in mind.Bundle service is not good for anyone.I have noticed that everytime i get bundle service my bill's are never the same each month.This is why i seperate my service's.Each company make's it sound perfect.But in truth it suck's.If you think VERIZON WIRELESS is bad,Switch companies and See what happen's to you.The same problem's began all over again.It's a racket for the companies to get more money.

to Anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1289758

every word ending in "s" does not necessarily need an apostrophe. so annoying. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously?


Will not be paying for this outrageious $586.00 Verizon bill. There is no break down for services rendered. Have called several #s and landed one where an actual person answers.

908-559-5507 Candice or

800-483-7988 x3 ask for Ms. George



Verizon FIOS has been installed in my home approximately 3 weeks ago. The problem is with the iinstallation of wire going from house to street pole. Your tech Shawn installed the FIOS wire from the house across windows to pole. Property owner is irate with this eye sore and wants wires to follow suit as previous FIOS installed. With every call someone tells me aI will get a DRC call back within 24 hours....it's been 4 business days since last call and NO CALL BACK.

I have called every day since installatio and have gotten no where. If you can forfill your obligation, I am going to cancel FIOS.



PS Your customer service is lousy. Will be going back to COMCAST INFINITY who has excellent customer service.

I have made several calls after going through a long list of prompts (very inconvenient)


Verizon is the worst. Mocked, laughed at, and hung up on on top of being lied to and charged for stuff we never agreed to pay.

Plus they didn't even send a correct bill to let us know - just waited till we were a couple months behind and then sent an automated phone call to let us know we owe them a ton of money. would've thought that the bills saying we didn't owe them anything meant just that...


the email address of these executives are not valid at all. anybody who knows their email addresses?

i am one of the dissatisfied customers who disconnected my internet and cable service while i was conversing with the representative when my instruction was clear that i wanted it to be disconnected one week later! ugh! help!

so incompetent! and they even want me to pay reconnection fee to restore service!


I recently called verizon and informed them of a payment arrangement I was not going to be able to meet until a week later.The lady informed me that my service may be cut off and i relplied ok. that was on the 8 of June.

on Monday June 11, I check my bank account only to find out that the payment was put through anyway. I called verizon explained that because the payment went through and shouldn't have my account was in overdraft, my bank would refund the fees AFTER they see that the money from verizon was replaced.. Well its June 21 and still no money. I have talked to at 7 people and having to explain the situation each time.On top of all of that I was alos told I would have to wait 7 to 10 business days.

I am very frustrated right now and feel I am getting the run around.

I had just upgraded FIOS and is dur a 250.00 visa card that won't be processed because of payment due. As soon as I can I am discontinuing verizon , although all customer services reps are not rude you do have a few that are, I pay $170.00 a month to verizon and i am sure one person doesn't make a difference but i rather pay my monies somewhere else and get satisfaction.


Can I sue in small claims court for damages I incur due to their reporting on my credit report? Verizon installed FIOS in my neighbor's house under my name.

I know this sounds crazy, but I live in a duplex, and the installer told my neighbor they had to install in the main-house. I have other accounts with Verizon which makes me so mad, that they will not work with me on this small amount of $218.

My neighbor finally put FIOS under her name, but I was still charged an early termination fee. At this point, since no one will listen to me, I will pay the 218, but they still will not remove it from my credit.


Verizon has decided that Bridges TV would be discontinued from their line-up. This channel's focus is on countering negative stereotypes of Muslims in the media. Although I am not Muslim, I do know that there is a growing and vital Muslim community - so I just cannot believe that low viewership is the true reason FIOS is discontinuing Bridges TV from their line-up (considering some of the other channels that they air).


I've made 2 separate appts to have installation and startup service, missed two days of work to wait for the engineer and no one ever shows up. I call customer care and they leave messages with the dispatch to call me back and no one has ever called.

To top it off, yesterday evening Fios engineers were installing service two houses down from me.

I truly believe I have deliberately being ignored and denied service because of my race, my neighborhood is complete white and we are not. Racism still lives.

to EF #599411

Its not racism man. Im white and have had the worst service ever and have been completely ignored.

I am taking them to court however for the wire they left stringing in front of my gate that my son tripped over and split his head. They said they would take care of it in 3-5 days and that was Dec 15th.

Its now Jan. 26th and still nothing after hours and hours of phone time eith these jokes.


Anyone know which of the executive would be best to call about a billing issue? Thanks!SS


I sent an email to the executive email address provided above, they all bounced back. Alternates?




I moved from an old residence to a new residence in August of 2011. At this time I called Verizon to have my service moved to my new address.

However, during this time Verizon employees were on a strike and as a result they could not give me service at my new address at the desired time. I called to cancel my service and seek a new provider for my phone and DSL. Couple of days later I received a call from Verizon's main offices asking me that if I am willing to restart my service with the provider they would come out and fix everything at my new location at a promised day free of all charge. It sounded good to me and I accepted the offer.

However the next month I received a bill for the installation charges for $112.46. I called Verizon to report this and upon speaking to a supervisor, they placed a claim on my account for the amount and advised me that I would not have to pay this amount. The next month i saw the same charges appear on my bill. I called again and the supervisor once again told me a claim was placed and that I didn't have to pay the $112.46.

That same month I cancelled my service with Verizon because I was still having problems with my service. I paid a final bill to close out my account. The following month I received another bill with the same installation charge of $112.46. I called Verizon again, and because I had cancelled my service by this time, the billing representatives refused to help me out.

I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor, and two representatives hung up my call. I called again and spoke to another billing specialist and they told me that I would receive a phone call from a manager within 48 hours. I didn't receive any calls. I called again after 48 hours and they told me once again I would receive a call within 48hours from a manager, and once again upon waiting I had no call back.

I would like to report this abuse from Verizon and report the charges which they are claiming to be valid.

I would never agree to restart my service with Verizon upon canceling the first time had they told me it would cost me $112.46 and only reason I agreed is that they told me it would be free of charge. Please help me with this problem as Verizon has threatened me to report the payment to a collection agency


I am checking out this website to see what I have to look forward to. Two days ago a Fios tech left a temporary cable on the ground from the telephone pole,then across our driveway, and then down the side of our neighbor's driveway.

The guy told me the permanent line would be put in, in about 2 weeks.

Its not my cable service, but the line is across our driveway, and for 2 weeks ? What kind of idiocy is this anyway ?


AS a builder and landlord, I've now experienced 2 years of collection agency correspondence as Verizon tries to collect a $179 termination fee they feel I owe after they terminated service I paid for for 6 months in a new residence that was under construction. Once the residence was built, the certificate of occupancy issued and the tenant moved in, Verizon was unable to switch the line I had been paying on into the tenant's name.

The tenant requested a new phone number, Verizon came out and connected the TV boxes, got new phone number working etc. at which point they disconnected the service I had been paying for 6 months and charged me an early termination fee for the new customer I just secured for them.

Will give the "Call the executives" a try to see if this is how they intend for cutomers to be treated. Seems I'm owed a commission check, not a termination fee for securing new customers.

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