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Update by user May 20, 2013

UPDATE: When I mentioned the second Verizon tool to the tech supervisor, he told me they would "fix it." I.e. they will either take it down or change it to show the same results as the first tool.

Utter BS.

Original review posted by user May 20, 2013

I pay about $100 per month to get 75mbs down / 35mbs up speeds from Verizon FIOS. They don't deliver what they say they will.

This tool is what Verizon uses to tell *current* FIOS customers that they are delivering on their promise:

This is another *Verizon* speed test tool which seems to be aimed at convincing people to switch from their current provider to FIOS:

The first ALWAYS reports speeds in excess of what they promised. The second, as well as EVERY 3-PARTY SPEED TEST TOOL ON THE INTERNET (,, etc.), gives results HALF of what their rigged game does.

Telling people that the only "official" way to test their FIOS speed is via the first tool, the one that they host and have rigged to give numbers that are not true ANYWHERE else on the Internet, is utter BS.

I even upgraded my router and I STILL do not receive the speeds they promised.

Review about: Verizon Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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if you use wireless devices no mather if it is only one,it wil not give you the full speed no matter with what company you are since the wireless signals doesn't work always at 100% , but if you tried using the ethernet cable and still get the same speed then it could be either the pc or at last a issue somewhere on the company network

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