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I called about condensing my bill. The associate took one of my lines that I wasn't using and put it under my dads number. She said nothing would change. He could still use his phone & he'd have 2 ID's under his number. I said it doesn't make sense, but whatever works. She then deleted my dads phone from my account for some unbeknownst reason!!! After 1 hour of waiting, I hung up and called back. I was told that my dad's 3g phone could not be put back on because Verizon no long supported 3g. I repeatedly said, "this was your associates fault, she removed his phone for no reason!"

So the next associate I spoke to said he "fixed it". My dads phone is now working. But, what he had done was connect a 4g phone to my dads number that we don't even have anymore!!!! I spent 4 hours on the phone speaking with 3-4 people. I did not get any resolution. Some Tech Op person tried for over an hour to try to reconnect my dads phone. I had to just hang up. My dad is now without a phone. My parents are in their 80's & do not want or need a smart phone. This was a major screw up by Verizon. We still had several months left with my father's Cosmos. There was no reason to delete his phone.


I spoke to a “social media” verizon rep. She informed me that there was no way of putting my fathers phone back on to my account. She offered me $120 flip phone that wasn’t even compatible to my fathers Cosmos or if I wanted another phone she could credit me $120. I wanted to look at the phones for a few minutes but I felt she was rushing me to make a decision then or call back later. I mean, I waited 4 hours for no resolution so it was the least she could do. My only options for my dad for a basic phone was pretty much a flip phone. I said I’d like to chose for him the one that my mother has which was going to be about $30 more. I said he would be used to that phone since it’s like my mother’s. She informed me that my credit was only for $120 & I’d have to pay the remaining balance. Oh! ...and she'd wave the upgrade fee???? Smack in the face since I didn't even need to upgrade at this time anyway.

She just kept telling me that his phone would no longer be supported. I had to ask her how much time his phone would have had left. She finally told me until the end of 2019.

I told her that I should not have to pay anything for their mistake & I would not pay. She said if I change my mind to call back.

My phone that I purchased got deleted for no reason, my time spent on the phone with associates that obviously did not have the slightest clue as to how to help me, my father is without a phone, I was asked to pay more money for Verizon's mistake............

I'm hoping to get some sort of resolution for this. Otherwise, my next step will be in progress.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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