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Update by user Jun 11, 2015

CORRECTION: Mid September bad signal started... I moved in house mid November...


UPDATE: No change in signal bar strength...

Virgin Mobile did a software update June 7, 2015.... Virgin Mobile did credit me another month...

2 repair orders were sent to the Corporate office...


Verizon admits tower is bad but says no repairs will be done til enough people are 4g for them to upgrade the tower for it...

Update by user Jun 10, 2015

My carrier is Virgin Mobile USA.. House owner has Verizon..

ALL CARRIERS are bouncing off this bad tower! Still not resolved!

I still have O bars for signal... Calls are broken up, hang ups, recalls, static, silent like dead line spells, calls never ring and go right to voice mail if you are lucky!

Original review posted by user Jun 09, 2015




Route 206, Tabernacle, NJ 08088



Mid November 2014 ~ Tower signal caused cell phone bars to drop in half…

~ My cell phone bars dropped from 4 to 2 bars!

January 17, 2015 ~ (approx 7-8pm) Tower signal caused cell phone bars to drop in half again!

~ My cell phone bars dropped from 2 to 0 bars!



~ When you drive outside the signal tower range your signal bars shoot to full strength!

~ Return in to the signal tower range your signal bars immediately drop to 0 or maybe 2 for other cell phone users…

~ All carriers bouncing off this tower are having severe signal issues! (Virgin Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and other carriers under their mother carriers!)

~ Cell phone acts defective!

~ Computers and laptops have connection, running and signal issues!

~ The tower builder has been called and I was told to call Sprint!



~ Repair tickets filed with Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile 20+ times from mid November to May 2015!



1/08/2015 ~ FTC complaint filed

1/12/2015 ~ FCC complaint filed

1/13/2015 ~ FCC complaint filed

1/22/2015 ~ FTC complaint filed … Virgin Mobile did credit me a half month…



~ Verizon lied to the FCC stating they resolved the issue… WRONG!

~ Verizon has never given a credit to my friend, the home owner!

~ Virgin Mobile has been giving me credits monthly accept for the 1st 10 days in November of 2014 and the month of March 2015!

~ I have talked to the executive office reps of Verizon, Virgin Mobile and Sprint!

~ All the techs and engineers say all is fine, even though I tell them the tower is throwing false “good” signal readings!

~ May 26, 2015 Sprint Engineering group. They tell me that the Sprint system is operating fine…



~ 6/9/2015 ~ Rep said we can’t help and I do not know where to tell you to go…



~ YES this is Consumer Fraud!

~ Statute ... Consumer Fraud Act C.56:8-1

* EVERYONE is paying good money for a bad tower/faulty signal!


This is issue is happening across the US! I know its in Florida!


dB Signal - A Basic Guide

• -50 to -60 (very strong, near a cell tower)

• -60 to -70 (extremely good, rare)

• -80 to -85 (normal downtown)

• -90 to -95 (getting on the weak side)

• -95 to -98 (weak, dropping calls)

• -98 to -100 (bad, hard to stay connected)

• -100+ (basically no usable signal)


~ All the MiFi Jet Pak dBms were 0 to -118! House is 1 mile from signal tower!

~ The MiFi tower signals ranged from 0 to 58% only!

~ Every time I called the carriers and asked what the signal strength was they said good, no problems… Twice they told me 98% the MiFi showed 56% and -118 dBms…

~ I have many notes and tower signal & dBms that have been sent to the Sprint engineers and FTC and FCC several times!



~ Who do I contact now for help in getting this bad tower fixed?

(Everyone is passing the buck, looking the other way, telling me to file repairs again with carriers)


Seeking advice, sites, etc… in getting this issue resolved and repaired!


Thank you in advance,




Call your carriers and complain! Make them "FIX" this signal issue! All carriers bouncing off this tower are effected! Businesses can't conduct business here either!

~ Your cell phones are not defective!

~ Your computers and laptops will have numerous connecting issues, run slow, freeze up, etc... Don't fall for a signal booster at any cost a month especially from Verizon at $100 + taxes monthly!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $420.

Preferred solution: Repair universal joint part all carriers use on bad signal tower! Transmitter component, MUX cards, energy connection, ????.

Verizon Pros: I liked til tower signal issue.

Verizon Cons: 9-2014 to now tower issue exists.

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