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2018 - recently downgraded my Fios TV package from Preferred HD to a "Custom TV" plan. this means downgrade from ~350 channels to ~200 channels and save about $80 per month - and yes most channels are junk as we all know. Agents tells me the five different Custom TV plans are all the "same price" and I can switch to any of them. The "Sports and News" plan costs more because it includes sports channels - OK fine. Fios provides no simple mechanism to compare the different plans in terms of what channels you get. So I choose "Action & Entertainment". the next day I check in detail what channels I get, and find out the plan I selected excludes CNBC. I call back and ask to switch to "Home & Family" and this new agent says this plan will cost about $7.50 more. So obviously first agent held back information and was untruthful because I specifically asked "are these five custom TV plans the same price". The answer from the first agent was "yes, same price and you can switch between them any time".

Next thing I'll mention is the Fios Internet or Fios Gigabit Connection. I had 50Mbps connection and it was fine for my needs. Never had a problem with the Internet speed. The first Agent tells me to downgrade to the "Custom TV" plan I have to upgrade the router and pay $10 more per month for a faster Fios Internet (150Mbps). I say I don't want this and I don't need it. The agent insists I need to faster Internet speed and new router or I can switch the TV package. Next day I call back and speak to new agent. I ask to remove the faster Fios Internet so I don't have to pay the extra $10 per month. This agent tells me he can downgrade me to the previous Internet speed and keep my current router, but the overall Fios Package would cost more. Yeah right, slower Internet speed and the triple play package costs more. As you can see one of the agents was not truthful.

I would just cut the cord on TV, but I still need Internet service and you likely know as well as I that Verizon will charge more for the Fios Internet service and phone - regardless of the internet speed - to dissuade you from removing a TV package. So we are stuck with a triple play pkg. Although this is an unfair business practice, I get it. But what irks me is the untruthful and manipulative agents.

There are many other manipulations Verizon agents practice as well such as forcing HBO or Showtime on you and telling you if you remove it the TV plan price is higher. Lesson here is do your homework upfront before you speak to a Verizon agent so you are less likely to get manipulated. Also, FYI Consumer Reports did an analysis of Fios and the title of the article is:

Verizon FiOS Packages Are Incredibly Confusing

Verizon says it changed its Custom TV plan to offer more flexibility and simplicity, but we sure don't see it that way

start your learning process by reading this article.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $180.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Verizon Cons: Verizon agents are untruthful and manipulative.

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