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I needed to transfer my home internet to business internet to work at home. I was cut off several times;given the wrong numbers to call several times;left on hold for 30-45 minutes many times. I had a conference call with residential/business services who were both lovely ladies but apparently had no clue as to how to write an order and when and how static IPs are set up.

The order was changed multiple times and cancelled without notifying me. THEN to top it all off they disconnected my residential services 4 days prior to the tech appointment.

I spoke to a supervisor who wanted me to drop what I was doing , disconnect 100 lbs of equipment and run home with it so they wouldn't have to re-instate my home internet. I was without internet for the 4 days as the customer service rep in Richmond was unable or unwilling to reinstate it.

Finally a dispatcher called me and she set up the appt. When the tech came he realized they had written the order wrong and luckily was able to have it redone. That also was done wrong. The poor tech was at my home for 6and a half hours. Then another 64 minutes that night I spent talking to and on hold for someone to reactivate my email accounts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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