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I called Verizon today to terminate my service in favor of THEIR pre-paid plan for $50/mo unlimited everything. I was told that you cannot access the web with the $50/mo plan because it requires a smartphone.

They said I have to go to the $70/mo plan to get a smartphone and web service. How the *** can they advertise unlimited everything for $50/mo. It's complet false advertising. I spoke with everyone at Verizon including the "special reps" who can offer things the others can't.

All they wanted me to do was downgrade my plan significantly and still pay $70/mo. Done with Verizon after many many years.

I will switch to straight talk for a TRULY unlimited package and save over $400 a year.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Sorry to break it to you,but straight talk isn't unlimited either.Harj is correct


#1- Straight talk isnt "unlimited." You have unlimited internet until you hit a threshold and they throttle your speed hardcore. #2- It is NOT false advertising.

NO WHERE ON THE ADVERTISEMENT does it say ANYTHING about it being a smartphone.

Youre some pissed off crybaby because you cant get your way about something. It literally says on ALL the advertisements that "smartphones require minimum $60/m line access."

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