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We had called Verizon several times to see if they could fix my VOD but they could not do it remotely. They opted to send a service tech out.

The service tech said he was going to change out the 10 year old no longer in service box. We checked our bill and noticed HE charged us for a 50.00 service tech fee??? I quickly called verizon, and there was an hour wait, I then try to expedite this by doing the online chat at 2:55pm (unsure what time it is in India) and I talked to Celsa in billing for about 45 minutes with no resolution, I then asked for a Supervisor in billing and was connected to Frejai for another 30-40 minutes who then connected me to the Repair technician Hermanth- who went around in circles with this for another 30-40 minutes who then turned me over to Muralidhar-the Tech repair supervisor for another 30-40 minutes who then called me and connected us to Rej in billing....hmmm that is where I started out and by the third hour, yes it took 3 hours to convince these non-english speaking *** to give us a credit and we requested Reji to put in a formal complaint against the service man who charged us when he knew this was a faulty box and another formal complaint that we, loyal customers for years, should have never been inconvenienced in this way.

IT WAS REALLY clear, we requested a credit because of their faulty equipment and protocols need to be re-evaluated for at home service fees and informing customers of any fees, they shouldn't be hidden. There lies the problem

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: It was the worst experience 3 hour text then 20 minute chat.

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