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On the 31st of January 2011 I was contacted by collection agency called ER Solutions caling to settle a claim made by Verizon wireless against me for 1,500 dollars, for charges from service I hadn't used since 2009, however I chose to not argue and get on payment plan to settle all charges afterward I paid two seperate individual payments of $700 & $800 afterward members from ER solutions and verizon informed me that my account was closed and paid in full, thus I believed I no longer had an account or any service. However even after I paid the charges without my consent delivered the charges to my credit score and screwed up my credit for 7 years.

Then on March 29, 2011 ER solutions contacted me again wanting an additional $383 dollars again a claim sent by verizon again. So after speaking with the representative who claimed that my two previous payments were recieved and the account had been closed. So I refused to pay any more money so Verizon is a discusting business leaching off their customers and stealing their hard earned dollars they have gotten from me over 5,000 dollars since my account opened and attempted to cancel it on numerous occassions from March 2009-March 2011. October of 2009 was when I recieved a bill of over 3,000 dollars and was credited 2,000 dollars on the account and paid over 739 dollars and was told the account was closed. Then I didn't recieve another call until January 2011 from ER solutions and made the previous payments and was told again the account was closed.

So I paid over 5,000 dollars to Verizon, got my credit ruined, was told the account was closed on three occasions, and I'm still getting called demanding money for a service I don't have or want. Verizon is discusting and I vow to the end of time that I will never do business with erizon again and I say to everyone watch out because they will rip ou off to just give them time.

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