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Verizon customer unfriendly company

When my mom passed away, I tried to turn off her cell which was on my family account. They refused, saying it did not matter if she was dead, they still would not do it, and I had to pay to the end of the contract. I thought this was unbelievable. Finally at the end of the contract I went to T-Mobile. They would not have let me go if I did not pay in full. Then they sent me a "follow up bill" which I disputed. They hounded me until a collector called - I tried to pay directly to Verizon...they refused; I paid the collector. Now they have a "charge off", ruining my credit, even though I paid in full! They refuse to budge, and remove it. Never, never use Verizon!
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Verizon Account

Verizon Wireless Is Not Loyal To Their Customers

I have been with Verizon Wireless 4 plus years. I had an LG VX6100 I purchased 12/04, in 2006 I called this handset in lost/stolen. Much to my surprise someone reactivated my handset and started harassing me from it last week as it still had all my contact numbers and pictures in it. I called Verizon Wireless and they argued the fact that it was active. Finally after hundreds of phone calls someone in tech support ran the esn and the cellular number that was sending me harassing messages. She then deactivated that number and put my esn on the "hot list" Today I called in for an update and everyone I spoke with refused to give any information said it was against the law and I would need to contact an attorney/local police to retrieve my stolen phone they should have never reactivated to begin with. I have been a loyal customer to them for over 4 years with my four lines of service plus a data plan. It’s very nice to see just how much they care!
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I love my Kia!!! I have owned a 2002 kia spectra and have never had a problem.

I have about 62,000 miles on it and hope to keep it running for a long time to come. In fact, because of our experience with kia, we bought a 2007 spectra.


Look here, the government does not care about what junky cell phone companies do to people or their credit. That's just another reason why people can't tell good paying customers from bad ones.

Although the credit system has been a failure forever like the leadership in our country. Just pay what they want you to and accept yo are being used like a bar of soap.

The FTC does not care, the BBB does not care and the credit monitoring system does not care. You want somebody to care, own an oil field.

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SHAME on AFNI & Verizon

I can't beleive Verizon would sell my information to another company. I have been with them for over 13 years and i consider it a poor reflection on their company that they would have the balls to sell my private information complete with social security number, all for a debt I do not owe. Shame on you Verizon for selling your 1993 - **** old debt to AFNI! Shame on you for not checking to make sure your records were correct!! Shame on you for giving AFNI my Social Security Number!!!! Show you will not go silently into the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Verison Today is the day i switch my service!!!!
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The poster wasn't talking about your Afni. By the way, I just resigned that nasty job, so I am happy for that.

The poster was referring to the *** corporation you work for (at least when you posted this). The Afni referred to here is the collections agency. Sure, the wireless job pays well and treats you well if you keep up on stats (my downfall because I would rather help customers like the one above get unscrewed when I took the extra time to advocate for them). Verizon offers wonderful technology and the best coverage, but they rip off their customers royally and then pay high school grads in chairs to take as many calls as possible and try to sneakily negotiate the lowest credit possible.

I could go on about the reasons I dislike your beloved company and I'll gladly take any job elsewhere. :) The point, though, is stay relevant.

The poster was referring to the Collections arm of the company, not the general customer service reps.


To be fair to the truth, though, no, they do not sell personal information, only the balance owed.


Vz doesn't sell personal info. Don't blame it on us


First off let me say that verizon didnt sell your info to afni. I work for afni.

Who is privately contracted thru verizon to help the customer. I spend all day as a verizon wireless rep giving customers credits for making to many calls or going on the web without having a Data package. Then wanting it to be credited back. I still work for verizon they just pay afni to pay me.

So shame on you for trying to take away a decent job from americans. Least verizon doesnt outsource from another company. So when you call verizon and want a credit on your account, Ill remember what you wrote.

Oh and just so you know I went thru a whole backround check and *** examine just to get that job. SO :p

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I didn't know where this charge came from of 12.95, in total with fees, it comes to 15.95 a month for a service that I did not order and do not use. Where do they come off doing such a thing, they need to be stopped, and put out of business. I emailed Verizon and...
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I called ESBI and they cancelled the extra charge on my Verizon bill and credited my account for the previous charges.

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Verizon Website
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Verizon never delivers on service promises

My residential telephone & dsl service stopped working on May 22. Verizon, contacted on May 23, promised a repair technician on May 29. No repair person on May 29, 30, 31, and June 1. On June 1 I was finally contacted by a regional supervisor. He told me he had previously been unaware of my case and would set me up with the first appoinbtment of the day on Saturday, June 2. It remains to be seen if he follows through but he sounded good, noting that Verizon had been laying off and not replacing retiring technical staff, to the point where getting work done in the field was getting moire and more difficult. I believe it. God help us if we ever have an emergency situation like a hurricane or a terrorist attack.
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Verizon - Extra Charges on our bill

We received a latest bill from Verizon and silently they've added a charge for the services we had no idea about. We called the company and tried to resolve the issue, however they stated that we used the services and should pay for the bill. The charge is really small - $2, but I really hate to pay for something that I never ordered and never used. I will try to file a complaint about them, but I really would like to explore new VOIP possibilities in my area. I already contacted Cablevision and they are ready to give me a HUGE deal on their services. If you stuck with Verizon and tired to receive their huge bill for "dialtone" try contacting your cable companies, you may find better offers,
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I really dislike verizon. i had 3 phones within my current contract, and 2 of them i had to get replaced and now i have another phone for 7 months, and now this one needs to be replace, all they say is " im sorry, you can get a pre owned one, and they will do nothing about the phone that i have, and customer service sucks the females dont want to do anything and the males are just as bad. I will be switching to at&t really soon.


:cry :upset :eek :) :grin 8) ;) 8) 8) :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :( :( :x :x :sigh :zzz :roll fartttttttttttt


We have great signal with Verizon, however the love to charge fees and don't care if you cancel your service.


I hate verizon! I switched from T-mobile because i wasnt getting good reception.

I paid first 2 monthes online and noticed later that there some stuff charged on my bill which I absolutely did not sign up for.

I called them like 4 times to get credit for that.

Also the phone I got kinda sucked and had technical problem no later than 3 monthes since i got the phone.

I went in a store to get it fixed. But they told me they have to charge me $50 since I switched the account to do friends and family under my friend's account. I told them I did not know this would happen just because I changed the account.

A tall young guy at Fishkill, NY branch with pimples all over said "we do not have any responsibility to tell you this and that happen when you change accounts and people change accounts anyways usually."

He had a nasty attitude ever.

My boyfirend also has internet cable with verizon but he had alot of trouble with them.

They are def. not most reliable like they say they are. After my contract is over, I will not never ever go back to Verizon.


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