I spent 3 hours on the phone with Verizon, in just ONE day (1) When finally answering could not help. I think we might have got disconnected, I can't remember (2)Second time a gal tried to help but could not so she referred me to a more advanced tech.

I waiting (I timed it) 45 minutes and just as I went to hang up the rep came on the phone. He was MARVELOUS and really tried - but after being on the phone for about 2 hours I finally had to leave. He promised to call me back - but I was at a meeting and could not answer. I dreaded calling back again since I didn't want to wait another 3 hours.

After a few weeks, I called recently left my number for cal back doing this two different days.....I NEVER was called back.

Covid'd should NEVER keep for good service.

Also, tried to come into your store, I wanted to pay my bill and wanted to look at phones and see also if someone can help me with my phone.

I was met at the door and could not go in without a mask. To me that is DISCRIMINATORY. So, I asked if he could at least take my payment on his pad he had. He said he could not do that and I would have to come in or call Verizon.

I have had a rep in my local store here take my payment as sometimes your Kiosk doesn't work, or for whatever reason.

NOW, they can't do that?

Could it be you were pushing masks so I could not pay unless I went inside with a mask?

I spoke to a gal outside and she said she was told this about masks. So she said she left and went to another store and bought an I-phone.

I ask that: I get someone that CAN fix the problem with my phone and hopefully NOT have to spend 3 hours again and that you ALLOW perhaps a SPECIAL TIMEl time for those UNMASKED people to be able to actually go into your store who still likes to pay at a store and sometimes even with CASH.

Preferred solution: FIX ph, credit, accommodate for no masks time thx u.

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