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If Verizon can over-charge just 2 million of its over 100 million customers by $40 per month, then it can steal nearly a BILLION dollar each year. Verizon is systematically defrauding many of its customers with a simple 3-step scheme.

1. By a lack of training & information, Verizon frontline customer service reps unintentionally misrepresent material facts. The American consumer knowing that corporate misrepresentation is illegal assumes the erroneous statements made by the Verizon representatives must be true. 2.

Verizon frontline customer service reps are not empowered to correct corporate mistakes. These employees are not given the authority or administrative computer access to quickly resolve mistakes. As a result the compliant process is laborious. 3.

All mistakes benefit Verizon. If a customer is the victim of misrepresented material facts, or the victim of automated over-billing. Verizon attempts to fatigue its customer by its complaint resolution maze. The frustrated customer is obliged to accept a partial reimbursement.

Or, in my case, a free temporary HBO subscription and a short-term price discounted as compensation for being fraudulently moved into a higher priced package.

Where there is evidence, the American Public should demand that both the FCC and FTC to prosecute Verizon employees guilty of fraudulent tactics, as well as, guilty Verizon Executive Team members who conspire to defraud by ignoring and sanctioning the fraudulent actions of those individuals under their authority or investigation. Verizon is currently stealing $40 per month from me, If there are at least 2 millions others American who are losing the equivalent, then shouldn’t the theft of a BILLION each year garner Congressional attention.

Review about: Verizon Fios Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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