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Problem: After 6 days of the worst TV/Phone/Internet service I've ever seen in my life, I decided to disconnect the service for which they are not even providing or is barely providing. The TV picture was on and off as well as the internet connection and phone. I called several times to verizon to fix it but they took days to even call me back with an answer. The service they provided was not in conjunction with the contract signed either.... Read more

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The experiences with Verizon service were a nightmare. The problems were never be resolved accurately and efficiently. Never can get a reference number or exactly call back phone number, when you call back, you have to talk to different persons , repeated story again and again and got different kinds of useless excuses and promises from them.They just want you to hang up, and call them next time to let other person to deal with you. For their... Read more

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Bad customer service with a manager. She said she was the top manager. Then finally she switched me to her boss. She actually said that Verizon had other customers. Her boss was better but I already made up my mind. I would not support this company. Not acceptable treatment to customers. And customers with disabilities. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 17
  • #938169

Yes I too have been baited and switched by Verizon. I was quoted one amount by door to door rep. Then my first month's bill arrived it was over $200!!!! I called and canceled service immediately! I sent them a payment for quoted amount $90 yet I still have a negative mark on my credit report thanks to the dishonest and crooked dealings of Verizon!!!

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A Verizon autorized retailer seriously pressured me into buying a $49 tablet that i did not want. What i did want was a mobile hot spot. He assured me that the tablet purchase was not going to add another 2 year contract and i could cancel at anytime. When i got home i looked at the receipt and realized he charged me double the advertised price for the hotspot and two $20 charges to hook up the devices as well as added a 2 year contract for the... Read more

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The same thing happened to me! S7, mophie juice pack, purchased in May. Unfortunately varizon refused to replace the mophie case... after only having them for 12 days!!! What's worse is that the tempered glass screen protector they gave me was the wrong size and was now cracked and they refused and quite rudely so , to do anything!! Little did I know, shards of glass was imbeding themselves in my face while I was on the phone and in my... Read more

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Im so pissed at the data ysage for my bill. I use no data from my plan, I only use wifi, and still get a message saying that I've sed my data. If my data setting is turned off, then how am i using it!!??. I tried to turn off the backgroung data to a couple of recently dowmloaded apps, but always got an error message that the program had stopped. Verizon, you make me sick! I dont want an upgrade, i dont want you to tell me that all the things i... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 10
  • #934167

Dropped calls four in a row all after waiting ten min or more to talk to someone so maddening!

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10/8/2016 Rick Corley Hidden Cove Construction P.O.Box 711 Dandridge TN 37725 Verizon Business Management Tennessee Customer Support I am writing to make you aware of an altercation that occurred when I had an emergency situation at your Newport Tennessee store. I am 65 years old and semi-retired . I still own and run Hidden Cove Rentals and Hidden Cove Campground and handle the security cams , air conditioners and rentals through my cell phone... Read more

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I've had an ongoing situation for several months. I would suddenly see my ability to use my services slow to a crawl. When this happens I pull out oogla, the internet health test and a couple of other sites to see whats up. I'm recieving half or less of what I payed for in large intervals of time. When I called tech support this time. he walked me through all the steps I had done myself, then proceeded to tell me it was my machine. And when I... Read more

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